TierCom.com -- original publishers of vetinfo.com and currently the web site for everything Mike Richards, D.V.M. is interested in.
TierCom.com -- original publishers of vetinfo.com and currently the web site for everything Mike Richards, D.V.M. is interested in.  

Woodworking, Veterinary Stories, Etc.

I didn't intend to retire from veterinary medicine so I didn't have a hobby to absorb the energy I needed to dissipate. Woodworking has filled that void, at least partially. My Etsy shop is called Worrywood and some of the things you see her e are for sale there. 


I did have a varied and interesting veterinary career. Lots of stories come with something like that and some will be posted here soon.


If you live to reach your 60s you have a story or two to tell.  Don't think so?  Watch a Safelight repair commercial.  If a crack in a windshield, not even a real broken windshield, is enough story for a commercial, surely you can compete with that!  Maybe one or two stories that aren't about veterinary medicine will appear here, too. 


Learning to restore planes

VeterinaryMedicine Stories

Everything Else!

Older plane    

I found this plane in a Restore store. It was in with a bunch of newer and probably prettier planes but I couldn't resist the real  wood and look of it. The steel is from W. Burton of Sheffield, England. Searching for this name makes it seem like the steel is from the early 1800s. The plane says C.Y. Leister in several places. I can't find much about this name. . I sharpened the blade and it works okay. I think when I learn to adjust the blade with mallets and aforethought a little more effectively it will work better as it seems to be all in working order.