TierCom.com -- original publishers of vetinfo.com and currently the web site for everything Mike Richards, D.V.M. is interested in.
TierCom.com -- original publishers of vetinfo.com and currently the web site for everything Mike Richards, D.V.M. is interested in.  

Why get to know us?

We aren't a business, anymore.  So you can't buy stuff here.  There is an Etsy store with Dr. Mike's wooden Christmas ornaments, decorative boxes and other odds and ends ---  Worrywood!  The days of being able to give relevant and up-to-date veterinary advice are gone, sadly. So there is a section here for veterinary stories. If you like them, come back!  There will be more on an irregular schedule. I have gotten older -- almost old enough to feel like I might have learned a thing or two in the journey through a tiny fraction of the time the universe has existed. We are all on this journey together. It really is time to act like it. 


I have lived maybe four regular lifetimes, all stuffed into one - so there are also going to be stories about the other interests in my life -- running, bicycle riding, growing up in the 60's, flying, bicycling, cooking, surviving heart attacks and more. Hopefully something that will interest everyone.  


So that's it. 


Michael Richards, D.V.M.





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